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The mission of the Young Diplomat Academy is to provide accessible and affordable skills training on diplomacy and negotiation. In doing so we aim to contribute to creating equal opportunity for everyone to develop their competencies and talents as well as a network for a successful career. We do so because we believe in order to achieve a more sustainable, secure, peaceful, and inclusive world we need diplomats from different socio-economic backgrounds. Through this mission the Young Diplomat aims to contribute to achieving the 4th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations on education and life long learning as well as the goals of the European Union on education, life long learning and combatting exclusion.

The Young Diplomat is a young and growing team, founded in 2018 by Hans van den Berg. We strongly believe that every person is a diplomat in her or his own way with a unique set of talents, experiences and skills. In our courses we take a progressive stance towards the field of diplomacy and negotiation. Focussing not on one specific theory but combining insights, theories and methods to enable our students, with a variety of tools, to develop a personal negotiation strategy.




Each year the Young Diplomat organises a summer school, combining a relevant societal topic with the field of Diplomacy & Negotiation. The summer school aims to provide insights into the world of international relations, diplomacy and negotiation for everyone. It does so by keeping tuition fees low while hosting renowned lectures and experts on the several subjects. The summer school's program is designed in such a way that the subjects are approachable and to provoke active engagement by its participants. In this way the Young Diplomat contributes in a concrete and active way to a more diverse international community to build a more sustainable, secure, peaceful and inclusive world.


Curious? Take a look at the summer schools of last year:

Summer school 2022 Conflict Resolution: How to Mediate? CLOSED

Summer school 2023 Diversity & Inclusion CLOSED



During the dark winter months the Young Diplomat offers short, but intense winter seminars. These enable you to gather insights into the world of diplomacy, meet real diplomats, join interactive lectures and participate in a challenging negotiation simulations. As with our summer schools each seminar focusses on a relevant societal topic in combination with the field of Diplomacy & Negotiation. Our winter seminars are always digital enabling participants around the world to join from the comfort of their own homes. Technological developments allow us to offer high quality courses including challenging simulations.

Curious? Take a look at the winter seminars of this year:

Winter Seminar 2023 Digital Diplomacy & Negotiation CLOSED

Winter Seminar 2024 Digital Diplomacy & Negotiation CLOSED

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''I could feel the love for the discipline of diplomacy through my screen. Even though we couldn't see each other in real life in The Hague, the Young Diplomat team did manage to give a good insight into and lessons from the world of diplomacy by sharing knowledge, skills and anecdotes from real-life by involving both practitioners and professors from the field. In doing so, it has brought me closer to reaching my goal for which I am thankful.''

Participant of the summer school 2020

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