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The Young Diplomat believes every person is a diplomat in her or his own way, through everyday diplomacy. We aim to make the field of international relations, European affairs, negotiation and diplomacy accessible and understandable to everyone. Because we are convinced everyone can contribute to a more sustainable, secure and peaceful world.

The Young Diplomat provides workshops, seminars, courses, and summer schools on international relations, European affairs, conflict resolution, negotiation, and diplomacy. Furthermore our professionals and consultants can provide research, analysis and advise in their respective areas of expertise.


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In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the lives of people around the world. In order to adapt to new government regulations that were in effect in the Netherlands, the summer school adapted itself to an online version. The summer school was an international succes, with students from different continents taking part. The program of the summer school focused on one of te most pressing issues of our time: sustainability, The students took part in interactive lectures, workshops and participated in an online simulation.



During the Young Diplomat summer school of 2019, a group of 18 students gathered insights into the world of diplomacy. With a central focus on the relationship between democracy and diplomacy, students were able to ask their questions in interactive lectures by professors, participated in a panel board of diplomats in the field and took part in an United Nations simulation. All in the centre of the Hague!



For the Bachelor Honours Class International Relations: on Diplomacy & Negotiation the Young Diplomat was charged with management and supervision of the The Hague Peace Conference Simulation organisation, setting realistic deadlines, help develop a theme for the simulation, and give input on literature, examination, and course development. During the classes the president of the Young Diplomat, Hans van den Berg, worked closely with dr. Paul Meerts. While at the same time monitoring the quality, development, and progress of the course.

"The anecdotes, quotes, and stories from real life made this course unique and fascinating. While the simulations challenged us to apply gained knowledge!" - participating student



For the practical Negotiation (Onderhandeling) of the Public Administration and Management of International Social Challenges programmes of Erasmus University Rotterdam at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology the Young Diplomat helped to redesign the simulations and course build up. The practical course was reviewed by the students and given an 8.01 mark out of 10, the highest score a practical had received.

"The course build up logically, focussing first on developing specific skills. Followed by applying a combination of these skills in more elaborate simulations, with self and professional reflection afterwards." participating student



The Youth Peace Initiative brings together delegations of young leaders from Israel and Palestine. At a conference in The Hague they spoke open about the conflict and their experiences. Their work has led to goals and commitments for a brighter future. At this conference The Young Diplomat provided training on dialoguing and negotiation. Giving the young leaders the tools to start an open dialogue.

"We often forget how important the basic tools are. With this workshop we practiced them in an interactive and challenging way!" - Palestinian delegate


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