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The summer school of the Young Diplomat is an amazing opportunity to expand your horizons and to delve deeper into the processes that go behind negotiations. It offers a great selection of workshops, all led by professionals in the field of diplomacy, international relations, negotiations, etc. The guest speakers give thought-provoking lectures which stimulate a lively debate. It is truly a wonderful experience from which one can only benefit!

Mariana Burac

The Young Diplomat is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take their first steps into the world of diplomacy. The ambience with all international participants enhances the learning process of interaction with delegates from other countries. This international character paves the way of playful interaction and to get to know our differences and values. On top a lot of these people have become close friends.

Derk Beemer

For a young professional with an ambition to work in the field of international relations and diplomacy, participating in the Young Diplomat programme has been an invaluable opportunity to learn from leading experts, professors and diplomats. With the theoretical insights and practical skills I have gained during the Summer School, I truly believe I am one step closer to achieving my career goal.

Whether you are a student, a young professional or an aspiring future diplomat, the Young Diplomat programme will be an enriching experience. Its organizers will make you feel welcome, challenge you with practical simulations and ultimately help you grow, both personally and professionally wise.

Nikola Latkovic

The Young Diplomat delivers on its promises. And it exceeds expectations. Theoretical insights, practical experience, a great community and a lot of fun all in one! In only 10 days, we have gained so much knowledge and skills. Interested in diplomacy or negotiation? Don't dream about it, just do it. This Summer School for sure is the way to go.

The course is incredibly well organized and allows you to put theory into practice. The atmosphere was open, friendly and respectful. The materials provided, the speakers, simulation and multicultural environment made this a remarkable experience.

Lucía Pradel

The enthusiasm, professionalism, patience and sheer skill of the TYD team transpires and replicates on all lectures and invited experts, which creates a welcoming atmosphere of genuine, ambitious and cheerful learning and sharing. I have yet to witness another academic context where for so little costs so much knowledge, contacts and interhuman skills are being transmitted as well as acquired so easily and playfully, while managing to push attendees successfully towards the best they can achieve, both within the academy and in respect to their future careers. In short: The Young Diplomat is a full toolbox of the best there is to learn and put to practice within the world of negotiations and diplomacy.

In this course I have gained much more than negotiation and communication knowledge, you actually put your theoretical insights to practice. The Young Diplomat provides outstanding workshops, lectures, discussions, and the grand final simulation. In addition to a learning experience, this summer school is an excellent way to network!

Nadya de Vlieger

The Summer School is the best thing one can do during summer holidays! First of all - people! Both the team and the participants! It was great to exchange our view points on various topics! Btw, you stay in contact with the people also after the school is over))) Secondly, speakers, lectures and simulations! Information is up to date, no boring lectures, best people from their spheres in one place! The lectures are well organized, it's a perfect combination of both theory and practice! The Final Simulation is also well structured! Although quite many people attend it, it's very easy to communicate with each other (despite the online format) and follow the rule of procedure! Last but not least - it was great experience at all! I mean even if the information isn't new for you, you will find out about cultural differences on practice, which is of high importance for diplomats!

Simply Amazing!

Invaluable knowledge and insights combined with practical training that is accessible and inviting to all. The lecture and workshops provided the perfect foundation to build skills necessary for negotiation and diplomacy. You get the chance to meet motivated, like-minded people and build a network of professionals that can't be found anywhere else.

The Young Diplomat provides essential tools to succesfully conducting diplomacy and negations. Classes on communication, either verbal or non-verbal, teaches skills for life. Furthermore, the summer course I participated in (‘Diplomacy and Nationalism’) taught me to see the importance of nationalism in international negotiations in a way that was both fun and rich in quality and quantity.



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