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About The Young Diplomat

The Young Diplomat is a young and growing organisation, founded in 2018 by Hans van den Berg. International negotiation is a corner stone of foreign policy and affairs. The field of international politics, European affairs and public institutions can be complex. Especially where business and public governance come together. Our experts work in the field of public and private negotiations, specifically where these meet each other. The Young Diplomat provides training and consultancy in preparing, strategising and carrying out negotiations as well as implementation and follow up of agreements. Our mission is to ensure you can achieve your goals through a smooth negotiation process where all parties benefit.


The Young Diplomat Academy provides accessible and affordable skills training on diplomacy and negotiation. In doing so we aim to contribute to creating equal opportunity for everyone to develop their competencies and talents as well as a network for a successful career. We do so because we believe in order to achieve a more sustainable, secure, peaceful, and inclusive world we need diplomats from different socio-economic backgrounds. Through this the Young Diplomat aims to contribute to achieving the 4th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations on education and life long learning as well as the goals of the European Union on education, life long learning and combatting exclusion.



By offering affordable courses and scholarships on diplomacy and negotiation the Young Diplomat builds a bridge between theory and practice. Our courses and seminars have a relevant and current societal theme. At the same time participants obtain in-depth knowledge, acquire important life skills and a valuable network for a career in international politics. Furthermore, the Young Diplomat offers tailor made training, research and consultancy to public and private institutions on negotiation and international affairs.


At the Young Diplomat we believe that a better world starts with a more inclusive and diverse diplomatic community. Todays world is faced with global challenges like climate change, poverty, migration and conflict, which cut across borders, regions and communities. These challenges can only be resolved through international cooperation where the immense diversity of our world is represented.



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