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Each year the Young Diplomat organises a summer school, combining different fields with the field of Diplomacy & Negotiation. For instance in 2019 the summer school focussed on the relation between democracy and diplomacy. In 2020 it brought together sustainability and diplomacy, discovering how diplomacy itself can become more sustainable, but also how diplomats contribute to a more sustainable world. 

The summer school aims to provide insights into the world of diplomacy and international relations and negotiation for everyone. It does so by keeping tuition fees low while hosting renowned lectures and experts on the several subjects. The summer school's program is designed in such a way the subjects are approachable and to provoke active engagement by its participants. In this way the Young Diplomat contributes in a concrete and active way to a more diverse international community to build a more sustainable, secure, peaceful and inclusive world.

Curious? Take a look at the summer schools of previous years!


Higly recommend this course, well organised and great learning content. Gives realistic and good experience what diplomacy is and how it is conducted. Change to speak and learn from high level professionals on the field.

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