The Young Diplomat is a young and growing organisation, founded in 2018 by Hans van den Berg. International negotiation is a corner stone of foreign policy and affairs. The field of international politics, European affairs and public institutions can be complex. Especially where business and public governance come together. Our experts work in the field of public and private negotiations, specifically where these meet each other. The Young Diplomat provides training and consultancy in preparing, strategising and carrying out negotiations as well as implementation and follow up of agreements. Our mission is to ensure you can achieve your goals through a smooth negotiation process where all parties benefit.

The Young Diplomat Academy provides accessible and affordable skills training on diplomacy and negotiation. In doing so we aim to contribute to creating equal opportunity for everyone to develop their competencies and talents as well as a network for a successful career. We do so because we believe in order to achieve a more sustainable, secure, peaceful, and inclusive world we need diplomats from different socio-economic backgrounds. Through this the Young Diplomat aims to contribute to achieving the 4th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations on education and life long learning as well as the goals of the European Union on education, life long learning and combatting exclusion.




Founder & President

Hans van den Berg is the Founder and President of The Young Diplomat. He is a former elite rower, chair of the University Council of Erasmus University Rotterdam, and holds a teaching position at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology. 

Hans is an expert on international negotiation in the political, public and private arena. Specifically where the public and private field meets. Some of his focus points are:

  • Political, diplomatic, and public and private organisation strategy in relation to international affairs.

  • Applying strategies and the use of different tools for influence in negotiations.

  • Operational Codes; a method of analysis of actors, institutions, or states to better understand their actions, positions, strategies, approach to problems and how they develop solutions.

  • Agenda setting and policy development within institutional processes, especially within the European Union, the United Nations, and NATO.

Hans has worked and trained with high level experts like dr. Paul Meerts, Prof. Dr. Simon Anholt, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Joris Voorhoeve. Some of his (academic) publications:

The role of the European Union on the chessboard of great power politics, in Modelling The New Europe.

Russia, Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina, A study of operational codes which may harm peacebuilding, at the SEN Foundation.

Russian aggression, the West’s response? in Foreign Policy Press.



External Relations Officer

As External Relations Officer Zita makes sure awareness of our events is spread and events are organised to the last detail. She is a young professional currently studying European Policy at the University of Amsterdam after having finished her bachelor Management of International Social Challenges at Erasmus University. Finishing high school Zita asked herself the question: in what direction do I want my future to go? As a committed student council member she has been helping refugees integrate in Dutch society by teaching them the Dutch language and been involved in multiple environmental projects. The urge to direct her future towards solving problems exceeding borders grew as she lived through Californian wildfires. Witnessing the consequential mudslides become fatal to many community members and damaging to the environment, her eyes were opened to an array of issues that cannot be solved by one country on its own. The formation of unity is therefore of crucial importance and is a challenge she is thrilled to take on.



Operations Officer

Tom is the Operations Officer of the Young Diplomat. In this capacity he makes sure all events run smoothly and is students' first point of contact, so he will propably be answering your emails! Tom is a former NMUN delegate and graduate of Management of International Social Challenges at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Moreover, he is Chairman of the MIPAS committee as well as Studygroup Tutor at Study Association Cedo Nulli. 
Both inside and outside of his studies and research, Tom is focused on international political economy and international relations in an age where the USA is increasingly vacating its role of global hegemon and multilateralism is declining. He also takes a deep interest in designing diplomatic simulations, which often feature as part of our events and Schools.